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How to Configure my Mobile Number for SMS Based Recharges

To add your number for SMS Based Recharge please login to your user panel My Account > Interactive SMS Settings.

You will get a box like in the below image

Now you can add the number in 3 steps

  1. Request Mobile Number: The number which you would like to register for interactive sms.

  2. PIN: Choose your PIN which is to be used as a password. Choose numeric digits only and don’t enter continues numbers like 1234, 3456 etc

  3. Re-enter PIN : Confirm your pin by re-entering it

Now Press the add button! Now you can start using our service simply by sending SMS.

Alternatively you can also add a mobile number by sending an SMS from your primary mobile number.

SMS Format


UID = Your Unique ID

Mobile = 10 Digit Mobile number you wish to Add

PIN = 4 Digit PIN

The same format can be used for updating the Mobile Number & PIN, should be send from the registered mobile number which is in your profile.