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Where to Download Mobile Applications?

We have two types of mobile applications

  1. J2ME Application (.jar) works with all JAVA Based Mobiles

  2. Android Application (.apk) works only on Android Phones

According to your mobile platform download the correct application from your panel > Recharge> Applications. Then install into your mobile.

You can also download the application directly from the below links

J2ME Application :

Android Application :


Our Mobile Application has 2 modules

1. SMS Module

2. GPRS Module


SMS Based Module

SMS Module works by sending SMS from your SIM Card to our Server Number, like how you are using our SMS Based Recharge. Once the application is installed on your mobile you don't need to draft any messages, once the settings is saved you only need to open the application and Select the Operator -> Enter Mobile Number -> Confirm Mobile Number -> Enter Recharge Amount and Just Submit. Application will automatically send SMS and give you the confirmation via SMS


For security issues SMS Based Module asks your 4 digit PIN for making transactions. If you haven't set the PIN then Click Here to Configure Request Mobile Number & PIN

Normal Messaging Charges Applies for each request

GPRS Based Module

GPRS Module works exactly how SMS Module works but instead of sending SMS request to server GPRS Module uses GPRS connection to communicate with our Server, in order to use this module GPRS connection should be enabled on your Mobile Phone.

GPRS/Data Charges Applies